June 2021

Navigating the Field.

Postgraduate Experiences in Social Research

This volume is a collation of postgraduate fieldwork experiences in social research that provides a platform for early career researchers (ECRs) to be open about the hidden labour of doing postgraduate fieldwork. This book documents diverse fieldwork experiences, gathering critical reflections on ‘the field’ from a wide range of ECRs. The issues presented here go from the process of identifying the field to navigating life in (and after) it, including things that happen in-between.

Edited by Mildred Oiza Ajebon, Connie Y. M. Kwong, Diego Astorga De Ita

March 2021

Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography

Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography is a practical, in-depth guide to understanding and conducting qualitative research in human geography. Reflecting both established and modern methods and written by some of the most authoritative voices in the discipline, the text teaches students how to plan, execute, interpret, and effectively communicate qualitative research. Organized into three parts, the fifth edition is a comprehensive, engaging resource for both students and new researchers in the field.

Edited by Iain Hay and Meghan Cope.
Fifth Edition. Oxford University Press.

January 2021

Creative Methods for Human Geographers

Introducing a broad range of innovative and creative qualitative methods, this accessible book shows you how to use them in research project while providing straightforward advice on how to approach every step of the process; from planning and organisation to writing up and disseminating research.
The authors provide a complete toolkit for conducting research in this field, while ensuring the most cutting-edge methods are unintimidating to the reader..

Edited by Nadia von Benzon, Mark Holton, Catherine Wilkinson, Samantha Wilkinson, SAGE.

April 2021

Spatial Statistical Methods for Geography

This accessible new textbook offers a straightforward introduction to doing spatial statistics. Grounded in real world examples, it shows you how to extend traditional statistical methods for use with spatial data.

The book assumes basic mathematical and statistics knowledge but also provides a handy refresher guide, so that you can develop your understanding and progress confidently.

Peter A. Rogerson, Sage.

Spatial Statistical Methods for Geography

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