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Conferences, workshops, summer and winter schools  sponsored by the Research Methods Commission

Deadline         April 28th


Organized by               Association of American Geographers


AAG 2022 Virtual Summer Series

Registrations are open for the AAG 2022 Virtual Summer Series, which strives to guide current and recent geography students through their academic and professional journeys, and connect them with new peers.

The series will feature different event types between May and August, namely workshops, seminars, working groups, and forums. Each event type has a different format (some are just one session, some are a week long, and some meet throughout the summer). Some event types have limited seats and require an application by April 28, be sure to register soon! Other event types simply require you to be registered to be able to participate.


July 18th-22nd 2022

Where: Paris

Organized by


Paris 2022 International Geographic Union Centennial Congress

The call for sessions for Paris 2022 International Geographic Union Centennial Congress is now open.
The Centennial Congress is a good opportunity to explore the main lines of evolution experienced by the geographical discipline and the different perspectives that are opening up to it, around the theme “Time for Geographers”


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