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35° International Geographical Congress 

Dublin, Ireland, August 24-30, 2024








35th International Geographical Congress Dublin, August 24-30, 2024

Session Proposal Due Date: 1 September 2023

The Research Methods Steering Committee  (RMSC) of the International Geographical Union (IGU) is issuing an invitation to submit proposals for sessions to contribute to the 35th International Geographical Congress in Dublin, Ireland, August 24-30, 2024.

§ Sessions may focus on qualitative and/or quantitative geographical research methods (integration of both are particularly encouraged) employed by human and physical geographers, and other researchers who focus on space, place, environment, climate, visual thinking and analysis, cartography, GIS and the geosciences.

§ Sessions are welcomed that discuss and /or demonstrate how geographical research methods, theory and topics have been transformed by digital, geospatial, virtual-reality, machine and deep learning, computing, filmic and A.I. technologies.

§ Sessions that showcase new and emerging geographical research by integrating methods in the arts, humanities and sciences to engage data (qualitative and/or quantitative), text, visualization and statistical analyses through assemblages and /or standalone or bespoke platforms.

Please submit session proposals  (250-300 words) to:

Charles Travis (, Chiara Giubilaro ( and Dan Malkinson (


Methods in geography series /a virtual roundtable            /january 24th         12.30-14.00 (GMT)








How has geographical research transformed during the pandemic?

Jessica Finlay | University of Colorado (USA)
Moses Okech | Makerere University (Uganda)
Zhiwen Gao | East China Normal University (China)
Lotem Robins | Bar Ilan University (Israel)             

Discussants: Chiara Giubilaro and Dan Malkinson


The virtual roundtable will include reflections on research methods from guest speakers, specifically on strategies utilized with the advent of the recent pandemic and how this has been navigated in different global contexts and areas of the discipline. There will then be an open discussion on lessons and legacies of mobilizing geographical research methods from this period and how they might inform future practices.


IGU Centennial congress | keynote session july 18th         12.30-14.15 (GMT+2)







Time for Methods | Keynote Session               

Raul Pacheco Vega on “Expanding Methodological Discussions in Geography: Mixed Methods and the Future of the Discipline”             

Discussants: Meghan Cope and Faith Njoki Karanja

Methodological discussions in geography have recently been brought back to the global fore because of debates within the discipline around decolonizing knowledge, advancing equity and diversity, and expanding the suite of research methods available to geographers. Artificial divides between quantitative and qualitative methods have erected barriers for interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and intra-discipline collaborations. In this keynote talk, I will discuss the importance of mixed methods not only as a paradigmatic shift but also as a foundation for the implementation of more ethical research methods in geographical projects. I will share my philosophical approach to mixed methods using an example from a 5 year-long, inter-institutional, cross- disciplinary, multi-sited project focused on the study of water conflicts in Mexico. I outline five principles for the implementation of mixed methods not only from a pragmatic viewpoint but also from a paradigmatic one, where an ethics of care for communities under study is the backbone of sound, rigorous and robust research.








Recruiting: Two New Steering Committee Members on the “Research Methods in Geography” Commission

The “Research Methods in Geography” Commission is looking to recruit two new Steering Committee Members. The Commission on Research Methods in Geography of the International Geographic Union is an active group of geographers that was established in 2020 to promote an international dialogue on research methods as a vital tool for advancing geographic knowledge and research practices  across different regions, countries and traditions. 


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