Conferences, workshops, summer and winter schools organized or sponsored by the Research Methods Commission

December 1st –

DECEMBER 3rd 2021

Where: Florence (Italy)

Organized by Università degli Studi di Firenze (Doctoral Program on Urban and Regional Planning, Doctoral School of Architecture)


Winter School on Research Methodology in Urban Studies and Planning

The Winter School offers PhD candidates and young academics in the fields of urban studies and spatial planning the opportunity to interactively build their learning and training paths in research, with a specific focus on pre-methodological (e.g. how to write and publish an academic article) and methodological (e.g methods of policy analysis, geodesign methodology, engaged research etc.) questions.


OCTOBER 26th –

DECEMBER 7th 2021

Where: Online

Organized by NCRM National Centre for Research Methods


Decolonial Research Methods webinar series

While the popularisation of a coherent decolonial paradigm may be one of the most significant developments within academia in recent years, there has not been enough focus on the implications of this ‘decolonial turn’ for research methods and methodologies. In this webinar series, eminent decolonial experts will reflect on some of the key issues relating to the coloniality/decoloniality of academic research methods and methodologies. This webinar series will prompt academic researchers to explore the ways in which academic research may either reinforce or dislodge colonial discourses.


August 16th-2oth 2021

Where: Online

Organized by


“Geography: Bridging the Continents” International Geographic Congress

Geography is the science of relationships between the Earth and humanity. This is a basic definition of Geography. But Geography is not only a science of relationship. Geography also embraces evaluation, interpretation, awareness and analysis. It is the “Queen of the all sciences”.


July 18th-22nd 2022

Where: Paris

Organized by


Paris 2022 International Geographic Union Centennial Congress

The call for sessions for Paris 2022 International Geographic Union Centennial Congress is now open.
The Centennial Congress is a good opportunity to explore the main lines of evolution experienced by the geographical discipline and the different perspectives that are opening up to it, around the theme “Time for Geographers”


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