Recruiting: Two New Steering Committee Members on the “Research Methods in Geography” Commission

da | Apr 6, 2022 | news

The “Research Methods in Geography” Commission is looking to recruit two new Steering Committee Members. The Commission on Research Methods in Geography of the International Geographic Union is an active group of geographers that was established in 2020 to promote an international dialogue on research methods as a vital tool for advancing geographic knowledge and research practices  across different regions, countries and traditions. The Commission seeks to facilitate a critical and constructive dialogue about established and emerging geographical concepts, approaches and research methods.
The new members of the Steering Committee are expected to attend twice-yearly Commission meetings, via video conferencing or in person; to participate in sub-committees, which include
Website and Social Media, Finance, Activities, Networking; and use professional network, skills, knowledge and experience to help the Commission reach its goals.

According to IGU Statutes 6 regarding Steering Committee membership “there shall not be more than one member from any one adhering country”. Given the Commission’s current governance arrangements, this means the new members shall not come from the following countries: Australia, Brazil, China, India, Israel, Italy, Kenya, United States.
Given the current composition of the Steering Committee, applications from geographers with a human geography background and a qualitative methods expertise will be preferred.

Additional information can be sought by contacting the Co-Chairs of the Commission, Dan Malkinson ( and Chiara Giubilaro (, but also feel free to speak informally with other current Steering Committee Members (
Individuals wishing to apply for a position should send the following materials electronically to by Friday 27 May 2022:

● A cover letter (no more than 1 page) explaining why you wish to be considered for a position as Steering Committee Member of the “Research Methods in Geography” Commission, and detailing your relevant experience/achievements in the field of research methods.

● A CV (no more than 5 pages) formatted as you wish (but it must be easy to pick out the dimensions of your “methods” experience and achievement, academically or otherwise).

Further details about the Commission can be obtained from our website.